SMA Alumni Foundation Legacy Scholarship Program

About the Program

The Legacy Scholarship Program awards up to four scholarships each year to deserving students. These scholarships have a minimum value of $1,500.

and Requirements

Any student who has been accepted by an accredited 4 or 2 year institution of higher learning is eligible to apply.


To apply for a scholarship, complete the application at the link below.


2017 SMA Alumni Foundation Scholarship Deadline

2019 Scholarship Deadline

The application deadline is June 1st of each year scholarships are awarded. Scholarship recipients will be selected from among students who complete their application by this date.
2017 SMA Alumni Foundation's Life Advice

Life Advice

“There is no status quo in life. You are either going up or going down. Education, attitude, and effort are the difference.” -Red McCombs

SMA Scholarships – 2017 Recipients

About Staunton Military Academy

SMA-Campus-viewEstablished in 1884 in Staunton, VA, by Captain William H. Kable, Staunton Military Academy (SMA) served the young men of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the world for nearly 100 years. From its humble beginning with 75 cadets, enrollment grew to almost 700 in the early 1960s. The military protest culture of Vietnam and the severe recession in the early 1970s undermined enrollment and SMA like many others closed its doors in 1976 after educating more than 21,000 cadets.

Senator Barry Goldwater, President Ricardo Martinelli-49th president of Panama, William H. Blount-captain of industry and U.S. Postmaster General, and Brigadier General Frank Gailer-Vice Commander for 3rd Air Force Europe are a sampling of individuals influenced by SMA. The concepts of Truth, Duty, and Honor were not only a way of life during cadetship, but became an integral part of their character after graduation. As prominent leaders, these individuals, in addition to countless other public servants, athletes, military and corporate leaders, artists, and musicians, have made an impact both in the U.S. and around the globe.

Mary Baldwin University purchased the grounds and facilities in 1976. In 1987, Alumni of SMA created what became the SMA Alumni Foundation Inc. to preserve the heritage of the young men who regularly marched the parade field by purchasing all the alumni records and memorabilia.

In 1996, Mary Baldwin created the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL), the only all-female cadet corps in the nation. VWIL cadets follow the values of Truth, Duty, and Honor just as the SMA cadets did. As the SMA alumni become older, their goal is to pass the torch on to the young ladies of VWIL to keep these traditions alive for future generations. In 2001, the SMA-VWIL Museum opened on the grounds of Mary Baldwin University to display not only the SMA memorabilia, but VWIL’s as well. The SMA Alumni Foundation now owns thousands of artifacts, yearbooks for each year the Academy was in service, hundreds of photos, all alumni records, and a wide variety of uniforms. These items are housed in the museum and made available digitally around the world. In addition to serving the Staunton Military Academy, the Museum has also become the agent of record for the Virginia Institute for Women’s Leadership records and collections. Each spring alumni of the Staunton Military Academy meet in Staunton, VA for an annual reunion which includes events hosted by currently enrolled VWIL Cadets and their alumni.