SMA Scholarship
Eligibility and Requirements



Any graduating high school senior who has been accepted by an accredited 4 or 2 year institution of higher learning, except one of the four Service Academies, is eligible to apply. Applicants must have graduated between 1 January and 1 June of the application year and cannot have matriculated with any institution of higher learning. Reapplications from former non-awardees are not being accepted at this time.  Reapplication from former awardees is being considered by the selection committee so please check back with us for future updates.


  1. Applicants must strictly adhere to the July 1 application deadline.
  2. All external supporting documentation listed on the application (including transcripts and two letters of recommendation) must be submitted. Documentation confirming SAT/ACT score(s), if not included on transcript, must also be submitted.
  3. The letter of acceptance to a 4- or 2- year institution of higher learning must be submitted.
  4. A cover letter requesting consideration for a scholarship and espousing what the words Truth, Duty, and Honor mean to the applicant must be submitted. This letter should provide examples of how those credos have played a part in the applicant’s life. The cover letter should also contain any extracurricular activities of the student during high school.
  5. The applicant must provide a copy of the letter of acceptance from the institution of higher learning which the applicant will attend.
  6. Submission of one essay is required from a choice of two title listed on the application form. Each essay should provide examples of how the credos of Truth, Duty, and Honor have played a part in the applicant’s life.
  7. When an applicant is selected for a Scholarship, a personal photograph and short biography must be received by the Committee before monies can be dispersed. We will request these items at the time the applicant is notified of his or her award.

Requirements for consideration for additional year of funding (up to two additional years):

1. Applications for extensions of their scholarship awards will be accepted from most awardees at the end of their freshman, sophomore years at their respective institutions. The amount of such awards will be determined annually.
2. We will contact all potential applicants in May of their freshman or sophomore year requesting extension submissions. The applicant must then provide a written request enclosing a transcript from the school the applicant is attending which shows a grade point average of no less than 3.0, on a scale of 1 – 4.0, or a B average for a different scale.

Scholarship selection process:

The scholarship recipients will be selected based on the merits of their application by a Scholarship Selection Committee. The selection decisions will be announced by July 1.